HERO ~ Cancelled Game Artwork

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HERO ~ Cancelled Game Artwork

Post  KuRuSeDo on Thu Jan 13, 2011 6:49 pm

Several pieces of concept art for Midway’s abandoned supernatural action title Hero have popped up online over the past week, and while some of the previous screens were impressive, the latest batch uncovered by Silicon Era are just upsetting; Irrational Games' Monster Island, and Steven Spielberg's LMNO kind of upsetting.

Based on what little info we have about the game, Hero was evidently supposed to be something akin to the NBC series Heroes (Get it?! His name is Hiro AND he’s a hero!) with a cast of superpowered characters who must battle to save the world or coordinating bingo nights at local retirement homes, whichever is more physically and mentally demanding.

Based on these shots, the game looks strikingly similar to Sucker Punch’s inFamous series, which is doubly interesting when you consider it was in development at the same time as the first inFamous. Although, all of this is irrelevant at this point, since the game has been dead for a couple years, but it’s still fun/depressing to think of what it could have been.

So yeah~ Heres the art made for the game... They look awesomely epic.

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