A good reason to stop playing World of Warcraft for November.

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A good reason to stop playing World of Warcraft for November.

Post  KAS--Will on Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:53 pm

Unless you've been living under a rock in the WoW community, or you just plainly, flat out don't care about World of Warcraft, you've probably heard about a World of Warcraft expansion coming out in December.

The game's going through some major improvements and changes, and to jump start kicking things off, Blizzard is making "Deathwing", kill off entire territories of Azeroth. In other words, you'll be running around someplace in Azeroth, literally all the sudden the ground around you turns to shadow, and everyone in that area of Azeroth experiences a holocaust (death by fire).

Now, as you could imagine, this would suck and completely leave fans pissed, what you get in return is a "Feat of Strength", a repair bill, and corpse run. (It's been a while so the only thing I know out of those 3 is the repair bill...). There is too, enough time to get from an area to another, so it's not like you see a shadow, and 10 seconds later your a ghost. However, there is no specified time limit, I could only imagine the frustration if 1 minute your fighting a NPC, then the next your a corpse...

It's been bringing up great skepticism over whether or not this is a cool marketing campaign, or if this is just flat out annoying.

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