The Red Shirt Guy in WoW

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The Red Shirt Guy in WoW

Post  KAS--Will on Mon Nov 01, 2010 12:59 pm

Usually when I see a topic with that kind of title, I feel like I'm in for a really crappy parody of the Red Shirt guy, being re-enacted in WoW... not funny.

What is funny, is Blizzard is laughing at themselves... with the Red Shirt guy.

I found this extremely hilarious considering the red shirt guy is now Wildhammers bitch after saying he was dead.. I think... IDK what's going on it's just funny they made a reference to the RSG in the game he's infatuated about.

For those who haven't seen the Red Shirt Guy and see him here:

In related news, the Red Shirt guy also created a response to those videos, and his excuse for talking like a robot... is he was nervous. If you listen to the video, he still sounds like a total dork/robot. Enjoy the laughs. Very Happy

(If you play WoW, join his Guild for me and get him to talk dirty, and send me the .wav).

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