XBox 360 Rewards is here!

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XBox 360 Rewards is here!

Post  KAS--Will on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:59 pm

Not much can be said except this promotion is semicoincidential to Sony's Playstation Rewards. Basically, as you see in the image, there are some pretty crap rewards, and they don't do much but over time, you can definately get free DLC. Very Happy You just have to be patient...

Anyway, I'm here to help you get situated so when people in the future ask, who helped you sign up?!!! You can tell them, "The Rebels at Rebel Gaming!" The only thing you'll need is your LIVE account login and such. So start by...

Step 1:Go here!
Step 2:Click the "Join XBox LIVE Rewards" banner and log into your XBox LIVE account at the following page.
Step 3:Upon signing up, wait for the rewards thing to become active, as of now it's supposed to be but I don't know how exactly to claim rewards yet so anybody who wants to help out thanks.

Speaking of helping out, hope this did. Smile


Let God sort 'em out!

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