Need for speed: Hot pursuit

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Need for speed: Hot pursuit

Post  Alx_R_U on Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:01 am

Man, it's been awhile. WELL its been awhile since a GOOD game came out. Though i was excited for Assassins creed brotherhood I heard it wasnt much different from the second. So for that I decided to wait til xmas :/ Sorry ubisoft. Haha. But just recently I tried out the new Need for speed game.

As I was playing it, the controls and game play seemed really familiar. Then I realized that the game was developed by Criterion the creators of burnout. And BURNOUT is one of my favorite games. And so far they did NOT disappoint. The game play felt really smooth and challenging yet it was easy for those new to it, to pick it up. I felt that the racing was amazing and that the graphics blew my mind. In game and cinematics. I couldnt believe how well the graphics were displayed. Every car wreck and explosion looked like Micheal Bay's wet dream. Chunks of metal and sparks fly and it feels surprisingly satisfying. And for once, something interesting was created was the social networking theme they created.

While you play the game stats and times are given telling you information about your friend's games and races. This is really cool for it runs really smoothly and gives you the option to join a friends game if they are about to beat your record or point number. And though none of my friends have this game I thought it was REALLY cool. Really brings out competition :]

Anyways this game was awesome hands down. i give it like a 9.0 Try it out!


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